Meet the Township Supervisors

Mike Ludenia,   Phone: 320-963-5724
Dan Ness,  Chairman    Phone: 320-260-1624 

Sandy Forsman   Phone: 763-878-2307
Chris Klein    Phone: 763-607-3422
Barry Heikkinen, Vice  Chairman   Phone: 612-282-0094

Nancy Betzler, Clerk/Treasurer  Phone: 763-878-0141

Brian Opatz, Maintenance  Phone: 763-878-2600


The Planning and Zoning Board Members of Silver Creek Township are:

Richard Chwalek, Chairman   Phone: 763-878-2059

Tom Vanek Phone: 612-221-7507

Mark Egge  Phone: 612-750-9899

Dan Mielke  Phone: 612-308-9794


 The Planning and Zoning Board consists of the Town Board Supervisors and the Planning and Zoning Board members. 

  In the event of an emergency road or maintenance issue, please call one of the board members, starting with Chris Klein as a main contact.