Township Elections


Polling Place

 The Silver Creek Town Hall is the exclusive polling place for Silver Creek Township residents.  Newly arrived residents can pre-register at the Wright County Auditor's Office located in the Wright County Courthouse, 10 Second St. NW, Buffalo, MN. 

Annual Town Elections

   The election for Town Board Supervisors is held on the second Tuesday of November every other year.  The polls are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.  

Primary Elections

 A Primary Election is held when the number of candidates for one office is great and the number needs to be winnowed down before the General Election ballots are printed.    

Voters will be required to indicate the name of the political party they wish to vote for, and that choice will be marked in the polling place roster. The voter will only be provided the ballot that corresponds to that party. Minn. Stat. § 207A.12, para. (b).

General Elections

 General Elections are held on the first Tuesday in November for State and Federal offices.  Occasionally, School Bonding and other issues are voted on at the same time. 

Campaign Financial Report Certification Of Filing

 Silver Creek Township is required by Minnesota Statute 211A.02 to publish a signed Campaign Financial Report Certification Of Filing form stating that a candidate for Township office has not received contributions or made disbursements exceeding $750 in the calendar year.