Mailbox Standards


The Township Board of Supervisors have adopted a standard for mailbox supports.  This standard is for public safety and road maintenance purposes:

The minimum distance from the bottom of the mailbox and the road shall be 42".

The door of the mailbox should be lined up with the outside edge of the shoulder.

The length of the horizontal bar on the mailbox support should be approximately 36".

Newspaper tubes should be placed above the horizontal pipe to prevent snowplow damage. 

Legal mail supports (the swing-away type) are available to purchase through the Township office.  They cost $56.50, including installation.  Call Nancy, the Township Clerk, at 763-878-0141 for more information.

In the future, mailboxes will only be replaced or repaired if the mailbox supports are up to Township standards, and are damaged by a direct hit by Township equipment.

911 signs (fire signs) are available for $38.